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book lovers,
coffee drinkers,
story tellers,

When we're not shooting weddings we're camping, adventuring with our four daughters, or cooking new recipes. 

We've built a life around storytelling and being intentional about inviting others into the story we're living ourselves. 

hi friends, we're Nyk and cali

for real - we're a tad bit obsessed (and not just with each other)

we love what we do

i'm not crying, you're crying!

our loves

Can you tell?

we love black and white.

The works. From getting ready to grande exit, we'll be there with you documenting the story. Like little kids chasing fireflies we watch your story unfold with wonder-eyes and capture all of those moments before they disappear forever. You'll be at rest knowing we're there for you, saving every moment for you to look back on and cherish with the next generations in your family. 

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at $5495

"Do you do video, too?" - #1 question we get asked
We have videographers on our team, fo sho. Nyk + Cali are your photographers, first and foremost. It's what we've mastered. Our videographers do what they're masters of, cinematography. None of this juggling photo and video cameras back and forth trying to do both at the same time shenanigans. Because we're on the same team we know how every member works and we're able to stay out of each other's shots and work together to produce the most breathtaking photography and videography we're known for. 

Photo + video
collections at $7795

We can't be everywhere at once. Nyk + Cali take on a limited number of wedding commissions a year so we started our business love child and second brand, Ever Creative

Our partner photographers and videographers trained with us and share our philosophy when it comes to storytelling and loving people well. We would trust them to tell our own story and we trust them to tell yours.  

Ever Creative
collections at $2495




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"Not only did Nyk and Cali take creative, fun, and romantic photos, but they made us feel like family while they did it. They went out of their way to add special touches that made our wedding day memorable."

-Sarah & Michael

"Choosing Nyk and Cali as our wedding photographers was literally the best decision we made for our wedding. We laugh and cry every time we go through our album."

- Libby & Ben

"Nyk and Cali are always so positive and encouraging, which helped us to relax and be ourselves."

-Rachel & Brett

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